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Business detail for Pastel Istimewa Mak Cik

Pastel Istimewa Mak Cik

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Restaurants / Indonesian
Food / Jajanan Pasar / Street Vendor
Food / Dessert

Depan pasar Cikini
Cikini, Jakarta Pusat
(021) 70946819

Business Hours: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Weeks: Whole week
Price Range: $
Price range is the approximate cost per person for a meal including one drink, tax, and tip.

We're going for averages here, folks.

$ = Cheap, Under Rp20.000
$$ = Moderate, Between Rp20.001 - Rp50.000
$$$ = Spendy, Between Rp50.001 - Rp100.000
$$$$ = Splurge, Above $100.001
Business Description:
Payment Method: Cash / Tunai Halal: Yes Parking Area: Yes
Payment Method:
Cash / Tunai

Halal: Yes

Parking Area: Yes
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